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Alcatraz Embarkation Site

The Alcatraz Embarkation Site is located on the apron between historic piers 31 and 33 on San Francisco’s Embarcadero waterfront.  It is the launching point for 1.4 million visitors to the island prison, and many more who never make it there. 

 The proposed redesign organizes the site, dividing it into clear arrival and departure zones, and opening up a large central plaza with clear access to the water’s edge.  Thin shell concrete canopies organize functions, provide interpretive moments and protect queuing visitors from the weather.  The narrow profile is folded to maximize views through to the historic pier buildings beyond, and the entire structure is designed in keeping with Section 106 requirements.

 A clear welcome desk with a giant rock as landmark, helps guide the visitor experience and renovated bulkheads (containing interpretive retail and a cafe) are restored and made more transparent and welcoming.